Draught proofing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy and money in the home.

Reducing draughts by blocking unwanted gaps that let in cold air means you will use less energy to heat the home.

According to Which? – turning down a thermostat by just one degree in a typical home could save up to £90 a year.

Draught free homes are more comfortable at lower temperatures which means thermostats can be set lower, saving even more on energy bills.

Draughts happen where there are unwanted gaps in the home, particularly around doors and windows.

It’s also worth using draught-proofing on doors that lead to a room that’s not normally heated to help reduce heat loss. We have a range of best selling draught-proofing products, all carefully selected, retail packed and ready to ship.

Our Products

Door Bottom Threshold Draught Excluders

Easy to fit brush strips that fix to the bottom of doors to prevent draughts by filling the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

Letterbox and Keyhole Draught Excluders

Fits over the letter slots and key holes on doors to prevent draughts from travelling through the openings.

Draught Glazing Films

Prevents draughts from coming through window frames by sealing up any gaps that may be letting air through. Easy to apply.

Flexible Self Adhesive Draught Excluders

Self-adhesive strips that fit to the inside of door frames and window frames to prevent draughts from coming through the gaps. Easy to install.

Pin Fixed Door and Window Draught Excluders

Keep draughts out by placing these on the inside of door frames and up against the door to block any gaps where draughts may come through.

Weatherproof Sills

Stops both rain and wind from coming under doors, can also help to prevent leaks from occuring by deflecting rain.

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