It’s that time of year already – cold, dark mornings and nights mean you’re more than likely turning your heating up and doing your best to keep your house warm and block any draughts from windows and doors.

With the Warmseal range of draught exclusion products, we make it a relatively quick and easy job to block any gaps that let out warm air and let cold draughts in through doors, windows, letterboxes and key holes.

There are a number of things you can do to implement draught exclusion measures and help keep your home warm this winter. You should be able to take some simple steps to reduce heat loss, keeping your heating off or lower for longer and ultimately helping save on energy bills.

External Doors Draught Exclusion

Draughts can get into your home via external doors. The best way to reduce this is to use a weathersealing strip in conjunction with a door brush threshold strip. Using these together will reduce heat loss around the edges of your door and also underneath your door.

Internal Door Draught Excluders

If you cannot adapt your external doors to help minimise heat loss with draught exclusion products, there are a number of products you can use on internal doors, restricting the flow of cold air through your home.

Door Letterbox Draught Excluder

Letterboxes are notorious for letting cold air into your home (and warm air out) in winter and on windy days. A letter box draught excluder is the easiest method to reduce the amount of cold air coming into your home through the letter box.

Letter box draught excluders are available with either a brush draught excluder, or a flap draught excluder. They are suitable for use with wooden, UPVC and composite doors and are a cost effective method for reducing heat loss.

Door Keyhole Draught Exclusion

Keyholes can actually let quite a lot of cold air into your home. Hold your hand near your door keyhole on a windy day and you should feel a draught of cold air.

The easiest method of stopping draughts coming into your home through keyholes is to fit an escutcheon.

Available in a number of finishes including chrome and gold, escutcheons are simple to fit and have a swivel flap which are easy to move when you need to operate the lock but stop draughts coming through the keyhole at other times.


Window Draught Exclusion and Double Glazing Film

UPVC windows are extremely effective at reducing heat loss through window openings. Unfortunately not all homes have UPVC windows, and some homes such as those with listed status, cannot have UPVC windows fitted.

Double glazing films allow those without UPVC windows to effectively create an insulated layer of warm air between the window pain and film, therefore creating ‘double glazing’.