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Brush Seal with Fixing Sets

For sliding doors, windows and sash windows. For gap size 0-7.5mm.

Description Code
Short Set 5 x 1050mm
White G44201
Brown G44301
Long Set 2 x 2.057m and 1 x 1050mm
White G34201
Brown G34301
  • Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

– Slide off the cover strip.

– With the door closed measure the length of one side.

– Cut the seal approximately 2mm shorter than the measured length. If necessary use two shorter lengths joined together.

– Press the cut strip against the closed door compressing it slightly.

– Using the pins provided, secure the strip in place starting from the top working down.

– Repeat for the other side of the door.

– Measure the length across the top of the door between the strips.

– Cut the strip to length and secure in place with the pins provided.

– For windows, repeat this for the bottom of the window.

– Cut the cover strips to length.

– If two shorter strips were joined and used down the sides of the doors, cut the cover strip to lengths that will overlap the join.

– To fit the cover strip, put the flat edge on its side against the pinned seal and rotate.

– Press down into the groove of the seal strip.

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