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Rain Deflector

For door base, suitable for inward and outward opening doors. Can solve the problems of leaking weatherbars and thresholds.
For flat thresholds. Fits outside of door 914mm. For gap size 2-13mm.

Description Code
Aluminium G19101
Gold Effect G19201
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  • Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

– Close the door to which the deflector is to be fitted and measure the distance between the doorframe rebates on the outside.

– Using a fine toothed hacksaw, cut the aluminium 15mm shorter to allow for protective weather deflecting end caps.

– Carefully install end caps on to the deflector. This must be done before the deflector is fitted to the door.

– Now screw into position, leaving adequate clearance for smooth operation of the door.

– Ensure fixing screws are inserted within 25mm(1”) of the edges of the door. (Drill extra holes if necessary.)

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