Product Details

Weatherbar Plus

For flat thresholds. Fits outside of door 914mm. For gap size 2-13mm.

Description Code
Aluminium G17101
Gold Effect G17201
  • Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

– If necessary cut the Weatherbar Plus unit to length. The correct measurement is taken across the outside face of the door.

– Rubber fin may be removed so that Weatherbar Plus can be used to replace wooden weatherbar. Fin can also be reversed for different types of threshold.

– Pinch the ends of the seal retaining channel on the lock side of the door. This will ensure the rubber fin will remain in position.

– Apply a mastic sealant to the groove for extra protection against the elements.

– Position the Weatherbar Plus ensuring that the rubber fin lightly contacts the threshold with the door closed. Position the screws in the centre of the slots.

– If the threshold is not level, correct irregularities with epoxy filler or cement before fitting the Weatherbar Plus.

– If the gap under the door is large as a result of the door having to clear a floor covering, it can be reduced by fastening a piece of wood, the same thickness as the floor covering, to the threshold as a spacer. This will provide contact for the fin.

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