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Prevents wind and rain coming under doors.

Description Code
For standard 25mm gap +/- 5mm. Fits to the door sill.
914mm Aluminium G15101
914mm Gold Effect G15201
For larger 38mm gap +/- 5mm. Fits to the door sill.
914mm Aluminium G15301
914mm Gold Effect G15401
  • Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

– If necessary, cut the Weathersill unit to length.

– The correct length is taken across the outside faces of the door frame rebate (see illustration).

– The seal, however, is cut to the length of the inside door frame rebate to allow it to extend into the Kwikfit lugs.

–¬†One side of the sill has a hole in the flexible seal groove. This allows for seal replacement. DO NOT CUT THE SILL AT THIS END.

– If the space between the door and floor is less than 35mm, place the rear of the Weathersill against the inside of the door.

– Mark a line on the door using the top of the top rear metal edge of the unit as a guide.

– Remove the door and mark another line 5mm above the previous one.

– Saw along this line to provide a 25mm space between the floor and door. Anything less than 25mm will damage the seal.

– Remember to plane the door bottom smooth and treat it with wood preservative.

– Position the Weathersill and mark the threshold through the countersunk holes in the channel.

– Drill holes in the concrete and insert the plugs provided.

– Fill the underside front and rear grooves with sealing compound or the entire underside channel space with cement to which PVA bonding adhesive has been added.

– Fix the Weathersill in postion with the lugs and fixings provided. Do not overtighten onto worn steps as this will distort the sill.

– Tighten screws after the cement has set.

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